How To Withdraw Winnings From The Casino, All Ways

In a regular gambling establishment where people play for real money, payments are made according to a simple scheme. Clients of the casino receive their prize at a special cash desk, where they accept money, and then give out official chips. However, in online casinos, these procedures look somewhat different.

Withdrawal Methods

To withdraw money from the casino, you can use the following methods:

Bank Cards VISA And Mastercard

Everyone knows that it is quite easy to replenish an account with them. However, if you need to withdraw funds, then sometimes you have to wait up to a week. An online casino can only pay you a deposit. You will have to withdraw the winning money directly using some other methods.


Today, this is the best option for withdrawing any amount at an online casino. For this, only the player’s email address is used. This service is very popular, so many use it to fund their own accounts and withdraw winnings. Skrill has a big plus – the commission is one of the lowest, and the balance is credited almost instantly.

Yandex Money And Webmoney

Quite widespread and popular domestic payment systems. However, for many, they may not be suitable for the reason that large sums of money often have to be reported to the tax office. However, unlike their counterparts, these services have important advantages. Enrollment and withdrawal of money is carried out practically at lightning speed.


It is a very fast and lightweight system. Her card is usually used in the United States. But it works well today with two hundred other countries. The Neteller wallet binds to the player’s email address and supports up to twenty-six different currencies.

Bank Draft Checks

This is the withdrawal of money from online casinos using ordinary bank checks. This option is characterized by some difficulties. It is worth remembering that a check will go to our country for at least one month when withdrawing money. You will also need to find a suitable financial institution to withdraw cash, of course, with a set commission rate. Players choose this method of withdrawing money from the casino in case of big wins. In such a situation, this is a completely suitable and reliable way.

About Withdrawal Terms

In many ways, the timing of withdrawing money from a gambling establishment depends on the specific amount. If you withdraw a lot of money at a time, you will probably have to wait. After all, the required funds may simply not be available.

On the contrary, applications for small amounts are currently serviced almost immediately. That is why professional players withdraw prizes as they win.

Of course, in the case of a high level of professionalism and sufficient experience, you can play with very low risks and gradually increase the amount of your winnings. But if, unfortunately, there is no confidence in another victory, then it is best to immediately withdraw the won funds.

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